Monday, July 4, 2011

Locate Utah Homes for Free -

     I just wanted to tell you about a great Utah site that is a wonderful home search tool that I have been using to find a new home! This site is amazing and has everything you need in one place! Locate Utah Homes is simply amazing to use when looking for a home to purchase!

Great things about this site:

- You can view every home that is available on the market in Utah.

- View all available photos

- Save your favorite homes so they are stored safely. You can also be alerted when the price changes. I love this feature!

- View google maps and virtual home tours.

- View all addresses to every home.

- Signing up is simple and FREE!

- Friendly and helpful service

- Two amazing Utah realtors on this site are helpful.

     Thank you Locate Utah Homes for being so helpful to me in the process of buying a new home! Paul 'Ahota'e'iloa goes above and beyond to make his clients happy. He helped me ship a letter over night so I could get my documentation sent in time to purchase my home. He didn't have to do this for me, but he did it to help me out. I definitely recommend their friendly service and website to you!

     Visit today!

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