Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Tricks by David Rosenfelt Giveaway Ends 8/5

Author: David Rosenfelt

With a small bite of “Marley and Me” and a tiny whimper of Janet Evanovich’s super sleuth Stephanie Plum, this book presents itself delightfully to the reader!Attorney Andy Carpenter loves dogs, co-owns a dog rescue organization, and spills out a heart of gold. Carpenter, a multi-millionaire (twenty million to be exact) only partakes of his law skills when he feels the client is innocent.Called to the ominous Judge Hatchet’s chambers, Hatchet demands that Andy take on a pro bono case involving custody of a Bernese mountain dog puppy whose rich owner has been murdered. Andy falls into the murder of Marcus Timmerman and watches the house explosion that kills Diane Timmerman. Then a sniper almost kills his beloved girlfriend Laurie. The novel romps and careens through obstacle after obstacle. The Timmerman’s only son, Steven, is also now his client. Andy, however, knows who the killer is, because his bodyguard, the linguistic Marcus has thrown the killer’s body into the river after getting him to confess to killing Diane Timmerman and setting the explosion. But since Andy can't say anything, that leaves Steven on the hook. And did Childs, the hitman, kill Marcus Timmerman, the famous scientist, geneticist and Steven’s father?To complicate matters, Waggy, the irresistible Berner, only son of Bertrand II, a Westminster champion, has been targeted by the same killer who shot Laurie, obviously someone NOT Steven who lounges in jail or Childs, whom Marcus has disposed of already. So what’s up?The plot becomes international as Andy, his partner Kevin, Marcus and Laurie (a cop herself) attempt to get Steven off and save Waggy’s life.The novel unravels like a fine skein of wool yarn. The courtroom scenes are compelling and funny as Andy muddles through an investigation that now involves the F.B.I.The real scene stealer is Waggy. Andy discovers that the dog is genetically engineered by Marcus Timmerman – and outs Marcus Timmerman’s deadly secret, that he could manipulate DNA in such a way ----oops, that's for you to find out! Complicated, fun, loveable~!Read it!

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